Armour in Black Performance Jersey Headband - Black
Elaa Armour Headband - We designed this Headband to hug your head and hold your hair tight in all the right places - so that you can do your workout with comfort and ease. It doesn't have a metal or...
Rs. 800.00
Armour Headband in Navy Blue Performance Jersey
We designed this Headband to hug your head and hold your hair tight in all the right places, so that you can do your workout with comfort and ease. It doesn't have a metal or plastic band inside. It's made...
Rs. 800.00

The Armour Headband.

Working out requires a different kind of uniform: something that’s comfortable, durable and enhances your performance at the gym while you sweat it out. Whether you’re running long distances, playing football, doing pilates or working out at the gym, getting hair in your face can be frustrating. Workout headbands are a fun and stylish solution: they fix your hair in place so you don’t have to keep pushing those loose strands back. And they solve another common problem that arises when you exercise: sweat. Elaa’s gym workout hair bands are a superior alternative to regular cloth headbands. Headbands made with thin cotton have lower absorption capacity and can cause sweat build up around your head and neck. We use jersey, which is a much better material.

When you’re at the gym, your headbands should take care of a few things: they should keep your hair in place, out of your face and sweat at bay. Our gym bands are broad and fit snugly across the skull, covering the crown to ensure not a hair is out of place. And because they are made of high-quality fabric, they soak up sweat and keep you feeling fresh.

You may have heard theories that workout headbands are bad for your hair. But that’s not the case.Workout headbands are not damaging per se, it’s the kind of headband that counts. Elastic headbands can tug at your hairline and cause breakage. If a headband is too tight, it can cause pain and headaches and put pressure across your temples.

The Elaa Armour collection headbands have been designed with love and care to give you maximum comfort as you give it your all at the gym. The headbands hug your head in all the right places. And there is no mental or plastic base within - just pure, soft, luxe jersey fabric, with plenty of stretch to fit neatly across your head. It has a broad front and a slightly tapered base so that it doesn’t cause discomfort at the nape of the neck. The material is stretchy and can be expanded or folded up, depending on how broad or narrow you want to make it.

It comes in three classic colours that go with practically anything and everything: black, textured grey and navy blue. Wear it for a jog, while cycling, for a basketball or a football match, with your yoga pants or even when you’re on a brisk walk! You can take this headband straight from the gym to brunch or even work - once you start wearing our Armour bands, you’ll realise they are so comfy, you won’t want to take them off!

Browse our selection of workout headbands that marry form, function, comfort and quality! Proudly made with love in India by Elaa - headbands for women, by women.

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