Slim Satin Scrunchies - Set of 5
Elaa scrunchies are made from the softest, anti hair breakage fabrics and materials. Made with durable, high stretch and a soft elastic, the scrunchie will help you tie your hair without tugging and pulling at it. You can wear it...
Rs. 800.00

The scrunchie is having a real moment. And we think they are back for good! They may have been ridiculed by Carrie Bradshaw in the early aughts, but the slightly-bulky-but-oh-so-comfy hair tie is back with vigour and is being embraced by millennials and Gen-Z alike. So we thought we’d take hair scrunchies for women and make them better with the Elaa brand treatment: superior quality, comfort, style and a little glamour.

Elaa’s scrunchies aren’t your average 90s throwback - we’ve given thema luxe upgrade with classy custom prints and little design details that make them stand out. Choose from floral, tie and dye, ikat and check prints, or go glam with our set of sequin scrunchies. Our gold and silver scrunchies, made with crepe, work well with Indian outfits.

Our large scrunchies can hold even the thickest of hair in place without breakage. The long scarf scrunchie adds some flirtatious flair to any ensemble and you can even weave it into your braid. The scarf is long enough to be knotted at the side, at the top of your head or wrapped around your head. The workout scrunchie offers support at the base of your neck when you’re at the gym or out jogging. We also have slim scrunchies, ideal for thin hair and ladies with shorter strands.

The scarf scrunchie exudes bohemian vibes and makes for a great accessory at the beach or by the poolside. For a more casual look, weave it into your braid, or tie it up to make an Alice headband - you can play around with it in a number of ways! And yes - our scrunchies will look just as good on your wrist.

The workout scrunchie is the answer to irritating hair-ties that can’t keep up with the intensity of your gym session. With a broad, knotted base, the scrunchie gives your hair a lift and keeps it away from the nape of your neck where you tend to get sweaty. (There’s a reason we call it the uplifting scrunchie!) These active wear hair scrunchies for women hold your hair in just the right places without tugging or pulling at it, and are made from soft fabric, perfect for our hot and humid climate. The added bonus? The workout scrunchie makes you look pretty darn cute, if we do say so ourselves! If you are going to make sure the rest of your gym gear is fashion-forward, why not your scrunchie?

All our scrunchies are made with soft, anti-breakage fabrics, to ensure your hair doesn’t get damaged while tying or taking off the scrunchie. Another drawback of regular hair scrunchies for women is the poor quality of elastic used. We make ours with a durable, high-stretch, soft elastic - that keeps your hair in place without you having to tug or pull at it. Once it’s on, it’s in place and won’t budge (unless you want it to!)

Browse through our selection of hair scrunchies for women that are comfortable, fun and functional, made with the softest fabric. Proudly made with love in India by Elaa - scrunchies for women, by women.

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